Thursday 30 September 2010

30/09 :  Special thanks - by Lisa Chammings

   Special thanks to all who helped out with the Fall Festival day in any way possible. All and all as I observed the kids and people wandering through during the day it would be a rough estimate that at any given time there were 200-300 people there and with turnover a minimum of 600-700 people participated in the day in some way. And that is just a rough estimate. I have no idea how the ‘downtown’ part of the day went as I never left the ‘uptown’ part of the event! I do know by word of mouth that Mr. Hecht’s carriage rides went well!!!! Thanks to him and his assistants who I believe were the Gildersleeves!

The parade was small in terms of people but large in terms of vehicles. Thanks to the Antique Tractor club for their representation! Thanks Skip for getting this organization on board. Thanks too to Sergeant Joe Geraci for leading the parade with his mounted horse and flag presence! I also know that the boy scouts ran from their game to the parade and walked in their cleats! Thanks!!!!

Rec league softball, soccer, girl and boy scouts, 4H clubs… all participated in a variety of great ways during the day! Kudos to all as the day was made better by ALL that every organization added.

The Stillwater Fire department was there ALL day and some of their guys also serve on Rescue Squad so they were available as well. Helaine Jantzen (Not sure I spelled that correctly) was out and about all day as well as a First Responder! State Police drove through once or twice. Sheriff’s officers were there for the start and then from 5 to finish to keep the ‘peace’. A sheriff officer was also present in plain clothes for a majority of the day keeping an eye on things.

The Hay rides ended when it got dark! They seemed to be full every time I saw them go out! Special thanks to Elsie Roof for letting the hay ride pass through her driveway all day! Itty Bitty fire truck zoomed around with siren blowing and was full as well!

The pig roast 102 collected tickets. Rec Baseball and KMFL sold drinks and chips during pig roast and movie. All who ate, or at least most, agreed that the food was great and worth the wait!

During the movie I counted about 125 – 150 people in attendance and they loved it! The free popcorn from the PTA was a hit as well!! Mark Tutor and Movies in Motion was GREAT! Special thanks to Chuck Delade for turning off the lights for the movie to make it so much better and then turning them on at just the right time to allow people to pack up and leave safely!!!!!

After the movie the rec league parents helped to clean up tables and chairs so that we were able to get Cory from Stillwater School out of there by 9:30 PM. All the garbage was placed on my truck to deter bear visitation during the night. After taking it to DPW the next day the total garbage amount was 150 pounds of trash!

The Sussex County SLAP program arrived on Sunday morning for about two hours for a final clean up. The tent was leased from Tri State and was put up on Thursday and taken down by Wednesday. Two other tents were donated for use by the Carpet Guy. The stage and its extension was a big hit as the Historical Society had never had use of it set up and ‘leveled’ by some phantom stage moving personnel!

If anyone sees anyone from the Historical Society and the many other organizations that participated in the day please commend them on a great day ! Together, many hands made the day a great community day!


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