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"A Memoir" - Mac Rosenkrans
1975 Commemorative Post Card sets (3-pack)
1976 Commemorative Post Card sets (3-pack)
250th Aniversary Historical Sampler
A Penny A View Book of Stillwater
A Penny A View....
an album of postcard views:
Stillwater, NJ
Canvas Tote Bag
Canvas bag with graphic of the Stillwater Mill
Grist Mill Brochure from 1970's
During the 1970\'s Willard Klemm and Gus Roof handed out a brochure to visitors subtitled \"Fun For the Whole Family\" which listed guided tours of the mill, picnic grounds, hay rides, nature walks, fishing, and horses for kids to ride, around the mill property. support for The Historical Society of Stillwater
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Memoirs and Reminiscences Book
Memoirs and Reminiscences
together with
Sketches of the Early History
Sussex County, New Jersey
By Rev. Casper Schaeffer, M.D.
Memories of a Lifetime Book
Mayor Emeritus Charles E. Rydell has written a wonderful recollection of local places and events he has experienced over the past 90 years.
Mill Prints
Mill Print matted and suitable for framing
Sadie Hill Gaas Pen & Ink cards
Schaeffer House Print
7 x 10 inch print suitable for framing
Sussex County Love by Rudolph Spatarella