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Genealogy Encyclopedia
When tracing an ancestry it is common to encounter records filled with obsolete, archaic, or legal terms that can be difficult to interpret. Misinterpreting these terms can make the difference between linking persons to the right generation, parents, spouse or children. Understanding exactly what is stated in any record is vital before attempting to move to the next generation. Inexperienced or impatient genealogists undervalue the quality of their research by applying present-day definitions to documents created in an earlier century.
Genealogy Resources at SCHS
The Society has a large college of genealogical material related to families from Sussex County and the surrounding areas. Research can be conducted at the museum during open hours. A long term goal of the Society is to add significant genealogical material compiled by our members to this website.
Founded in 1983 by Bradley and Raeone Steuart, HeritageQuest is the largest genealogical data provider in the United States and a leading purveyor of data, products, supplies and equipment to consumers and institutions.
New Jersey Genealogy Solutions
The Internet's oldest and largest free genealogy site.
  Sussex County, NJGenWeb Project
Welcome to the home page of the Sussex County, NJGenWeb Project. My name is Peggy and I am the Sussex County Coordinator for The NJGenWeb Project, a part of The USGenWeb Project.
  The 1940 U.S. Census
On April 1, 1940 history was made as the 16th U.S. Census was taken in America and its territories. And today, each and every one of the 134 million records is ready for you to explore here on
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