Category: Neighboring historical societies (10)
Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation
The Lafayette Center Preservation Foundation\'s mission is to beautifiy and preserve the buildings and the unique sense of community that sets Lafayette, New Jersey from other towns. With the acquisition of the Mabee House, the Preservation Foundation looks forward to expanding their offerings to the people of Lafayette with the Mabee House Museum at Historic Running Brook Farm.
NSDAR-Chinkchewunska Chapter, Wantage NJ
A charter from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was granted on January 12, 1903, and the CHINKCHEWSUNKA CHAPTER was organized.

Our chapter name originates from a Native American word meaning “hilltop town,” or “town on the side of a hill.” Most of our members live near Wantage, Sussex County, in the northwestern section of New Jersey.
Blairstown Historical Society
The purpose of the Blairstown Historical Society is to share and gather information about Blairstown\'s rich past.
Canal Society of New Jersey
The Canal Society of New Jersey is a non-profit organization formed in 1969 to, foster the study of the history of New Jersey\'s two towpath canals, preserve and restore canal remains and artifacts, educate the public in this history and to provide enjoyment to its members by visiting canals and other historic sites.
Hardyston Heritage Society
The old Monroe Stone Schoolhouse is located at Route 94 (North Church Road) in the Monroe section of Hardyston Township.
Millbrook Village Society
Millbrook Village is located in the Delaware River National Recreation Area, a vast U.S. National Park Service resource located on both sides of the Delaware River between Matamoras, PA and Belvidere, NJ. Millbrook is a re-creation of a turn-of-the-century village.
Minisink Valley Historical Society
The Minisink Valley Historical Society celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding in 1989. Its founding members were leaders in the community whose original goals were to collect and preserve local history and archaeological materials of various townships in the counties comprising the Minisink region. These goals still guide the Society.
Montague Association for Restoration of Community History
M.A.R.C.H is a non-profit society for Montague Township. Its volunteers help maintain and open two historic sites.
Sussex County Historical Society
The Sussex County Historical Society was established in 1904, following the culmination of the county's 150th anniversary celebration. (1753-1903).
The History of Branchville Borough
Located in the northern most region of Sussex County, New Jersey, lies the picturesque village of Branchville. Originally part of the surrounding Township of Frankford, N.J., Branchville separated from it and formed its own self governing borough in 1898. The town is approximately1/2 mile in size and has a total population of 840. Despite its smallness, Branchville has quite a long and fascinating history.