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Baptisms - Presbyterian Church, Stillwater, NJ
Genealogy records of baptisms from the Presbyterian Church in Stillwater New Jersey from 1780 - 1825
Grist Mill brochure from the 1970s
During the 1970\'s Willard Klemm and Gus Roof handed out a brochure to visitors subtitled \"Fun For the Whole Family\" which listed guided tours of the mill, picnic grounds, hay rides, nature walks, fishing, and horses for kids to ride, around the mill property.
  Historical Society Contact Information page
How to contact the Historical Society of Stillwater Township
Keens Mill
Keen's Grist Mill was constructed by George Keen in 1838. The Mill is located near the outlet of Swartswood Lake on the site of an earlier mill built by Charles Rhodes.
Maps of Stillwater
Various maps of Stillwater
Mary W. Dixon Library and Museum
Source: excerpts from a small booklet promoting the Mary W. Dixon Library and Museum. The booklet is circa 1979
  Mission Statement
The official mission statement of the Historical Society of Stillwater Township
  Stillwater by Edward A. Webb 1872
... The Villages are Stillwater, Fredon, Middleville, Swartswood, and a cluster of houses in the southwestern corner of the township named Gratitude ...
Stillwater Grist Mill by Frank Dale
The beautiful stone grist mill now nearly in the center of Stillwater Village on the Paulinskill River has ancient beginnings in the area.
Stillwater Township Schools, THEN and NOW
Description of the schools of Stillwater Township. The specific date of publication is unkown but it was probably published sometime in the 1940\'s.
The Academy
The original owner of the little piece of land in the heart of Stillwater was Willian Shafer, son of Casper Shafer, one of the first settlers in Stillwater Township. It was sold to the township school trustees in 1840 for $300, and the "Academy" was opened in 1842.
The Neighborhood House
Neighborhood House of Stillwater, Inc.
The Swartwout Massacre
One of the most audacious acts in the whole series of predatory aggressions by the Indians in this township was the incursion of a party of Indians into Hardwick in 1755, when they captured a boy named Thomas Hunt, and a Negro then belonging to Richard Hunt;
Township of Stillwater
A brief history of the township