on Friday 18 August 2006
by Jan Wiley author list
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We recently received a donation of a table, given to the museum by member Don Robbins. With the table, came quite an historic tale, as written by Don Robbins:

"In 1738, Ludwig Titman (my grandfather x 4 generations), landed in Philadelphia from Saxony, Germany. He received a land grant for some 500 acres in an area now known as Hardwick Township, Warren County. He built a log house back of Blairstown, right at the foot of the Mountain. This table was used in that house. In about 1850, a larger brick dwelling was constructed and the table was replaced by a more elegant one. The old table was relegated to the storage of milk cans in the stone spring house.
My mother, Letha Hill, was born in this house in 1884 and remembers the table's location. It was moved to Middleville in 1913."

Thank you, Don Robbins, not only for the table, but for all that you have done and continue to do.