on Monday 05 June 2006
by Bill Lambert author list
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A walking tour of the village of Stillwater was led by Mrs. Tina Keppler on Sunday afternoon as part of the Stillwater Festival. We started at the Historical Society building and headed south on Maple Avenue, stopping at many of the houses along the way with Tina giving us a brief history of the building. We continued to the cemetary where we were shown some of the very early graves and heard about the many families that are intertwined with the history of Stillwater.

Stillwater, from Map of Sussex County, New Jersey, by G.M. Hopkins Jr, CE 1860

Tina discusses how Stillwater was founded

Tina stops at the Moore house

the old Stillwater one room schoolhouse

Many of the oldest tombstones in the churchyard are written in German

The 6pm evening tour ended with a walk-through of the Stillwater Mill