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Genealogy Records, Stillwater Presbyterian Church

From the records: "The present Presbyterian Church of Stillwater seems originally to have been formed as a German Lutheran congregation and the early records are written in this language. It was organized on October 12, 1769 as the "Lutheran Congregation of Hardwick" as shown by the original church book which is dated August 1773. Through the years the church flourished and waned, becoming after some time a Dutch Reformed Church and when it was found too difficult to supply the pulpit with men of this faith the change was made to Presbyterian."

Surnames contained in these records are, Aalstedt (probably Onsted), Ackerman, Allen, Anderson, Blackford, Bogman, Boice, Boise, Brooks, Butz, Cashbaugh (Kishpaugh), Casaday (Cassidy), Cass, Haughk, Cibel, Clefford, Coker, Conkle (Congle, Kunkel), Corsan, Cownover, Crisman, Crockett, Crouse, Demond, Dengler, Dennis, Devoor, Dider, Dieter, Dietman, Diets, Dietz, Dietzel, Diezel, Dittman, Ditz, Divers, Dodder, Dodderer, Douglas, Dumond, Erbe (Arvay, Ervey), Erben, Erwen, Fisher, Franz, Freeman, Gaass, Gass, Gaemel, Gammel, Garrison, Geiser, Glaze, Godshall, Goetze, Gouch, Grosman, Gruber, Fried, Grover, Groover, Haag, Haehle, Hahly, Haman, Hamman, Hammon, Hankinson, Hansmann, Harker, Harris, Hawk, Hendershot, Herter, Hetzel, Hunt, Johnson, Joost, Jungblut, Kaub, Keck, Keen, Kirshbach, Kneip, Kocher, Koker, Konkle, Kresman, Kriss, Kuehn, Kuhn, Kunkle, Lane, Lash, Layport, Leboth, Leffert, Leibengut, Lenz, Lewis, Locy, Loose, Losey, Mahn, Mann, Main, Mareckle, Mengle, Merren, Miller, Mills, Mingle, Moore, Moot, Mott, Muth, Newbecker, Newbacker, Nolde, Nolten, Nulton, Pivy, Puder, Reis, Rice, Rhodes, Rugger, Ryeson, Saabekuhl, Saavekuhl, Savacool, Savercool, Sanderson, Sassman, Savarts, Sayers, Schaffer, Scherer, Schnabel, Schnauger, Snover, Schuster, Swartswelder, Schwenk, Wchwick, Shackelton, Sherrah, Shiner, Shipman, Shrekagast, Simmons, Sipley, Sippley, Slyker, Smith, Sough, Squires, Saley, Steinhoff, Stewart, Stuart, Swick, Teal, Thorn, Tiedman, Titman, Tundel, Ulrich, Ulss (Ulp), Updicke, Van Horn, Vogel, Vogt, Vough, Wass (Vass), loom, Brasted, Byram, Condict, Condit, Coursen, Courson, Danley, Decker, Dennis, Divers, Wintermute, hardic, Huff, Hull, Hyther, Kitney, Lanning, Moore, Morris, Packard, Reed, Reynolds, Roy, Smally, Smith, Stinson, Updike, Wildrick, Youmans.

Many of these names are spelled many different ways (every possible way imaginable in some cases).