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Stillwater Township Schools from:
Forty Years in The
Schools Of Sussex County
County Superintendent
publication date unkown.

Stillwater Township in 1902 had eight schools, two of these,
Fredon and Fairview, were lost when Fredon Township was set off
from Stiliwater in 1904.

The Mt. Pleasant School was closed in 1918 for lack of pupils. In
1933 Mt. Holly was closed for four years and reopened in 1937. Mt.
Benevolence was destroyed by fire in 1938 and was never rebuilt.

The Stillwater School was very old and was replaced by a new
building about 1904 or 1905.

In 1940 a consolidated school was voted and opened September,
1941. The building has four rooms, three of which are being used at present, inside toilets, artesian well, drinking fountains, oil heat, unit ventilation, large play room, table and chair furniture and flourescent lights. It is situated on a plot of three acres.

The township has six transportation routes, two taking pupils to
Newton High School and the remaining four transporting pupils to
the consolidated school.

The enrollment in 1902 was as follows: Mt. Pleasant, 30; Mt.
Holly, 45; Mt. Benevolence, 35; Stillwater, 50; Middleville, 35; Swartswood, 40; Fredon, 45; Fairview, 30. Total 310.

The enrollment of the consolidated school is 91.

The teachers then were: Mt. Benevolence, Grace Rosenkrans;
Mt. Holly, Anna Heller; Mt. Pleasant, Candace Johnson; Stillwater,
Emma Hetzel; Middleville, Frank B. Losey; Swartswood, Clyde Win-
field; Fredon, M. Olive Doughty; Fairview, Lavinia Van Auken.

The teachers of the consolidated school are: Principal, Sidney M.
Rifkind, Dr. J. R. Dalling, Katherine Pentz.

The Board of Education in 1902 were: President, Philip G. Huff;
District Clerk, J. Hampton Roy, Wm. H. Van Horn, Wm. P. Struble,
Geo. M. Decker, Charles A. Lewis, Wm. H. Lambert, John Roy, A. D. Cornell.

The Board of Education now is: President, Willard Losey; Vice-
President, Harold M. Huff; District Clerk, Arthur M. Waldron, Milton
B. Winterinute, Wafter Chammings, Edwin Nelson, Orman Roof, Andrew J. Kithcart, James Rivara, George S. Bonker.