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On August 31st 1948 the Neighborhood House of Stillwater, Inc. was born. Amos Dixon, Mary W. Dixon and Blanche Van Auken had a vision and so formed this corporation for the following purposes: *

a) To provide for a library and community center in the Township of Stillwater, Sussex County, New Jersey

b) To promote the health and pleasure of the members of the corporation and friends, and the residents of the community.

c) To develop and maintain congenial social, recreational and sporting activities.

d) To acquant the commnity with good authors, books, newspapers, magazines and toehr valuable reading material.

e) To buy or lease such property and such rights in real property as may be necessary to promote and conduct the activities for which the corporation is formed.

f) To buy or lease such personal property and equipment as may be necessary for use by members and to conduct the activities for which the corporation is formed.

g) To provide fro the care and maintance of all property owned, rented or leased by the corporation or it's members.

h) To formulate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to achieve the purposes for which the corporation was organized.

i) To cooperate with other organizations, individuals and incorporations for the improvement of educational, social and recreational conditions of the corporation, it's members and of the community.

j) To provide such facilities as a meeting place or places as will promote comfort, education and relaxation of the members.

* reference - Doc. No. 31198 Certificate of Incorporation of the Neighborhood House of Stillwater, Inc as filed in the Sussex County Hall of Records

The building across from the Stillwater Presbyterian Church has been known by many different names over the years. It was originally the Stillwater Academy, but residents who went to school in the township in the 1940s called it the library. Today it is known as the Stillwater Historical Museum.

Elsie Roof of the historical society explains it was originally the academy, then owned by the Patriotic Order of the Sons of America. In the 1940s when there was no library in the elementary school it was purchased for use as a school library. It became a museum almost by default. Female students would work in the library and a neighbor known as Mr. Beegle lit the fire for them in the mornings. He lived alone into his 80s and when he died he left the girls a collection of Indian artifacts and guns. When more people had cars and could get to the Sussex County library, the Stillwater library "kind of folded," Roof comments, but the artifacts were still there. Other residents started donating things and a museum was born. "People would donate things they didn't know what to do with," is how Roof phrases it. There is a doll collection, clothing, the Indian artifacts, agricultural equipment and some unusual items such as wooden canteens, one from the Revolutionary War and one from the War of 1812. The first floor is set up like a general store with items from the old Middleville and Stillwater stores as well as mailboxes from the Middleville Post Office.