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Reunion 2005

Our reunion was a small gathering this year. Only about twenty family members showed up. We had a lovely day, the weather was perfect, nice and cool. I was delighted that the bugs did not even bother us as we walked through the local cemeteries.

The floor was opened for new officer nominations. there were none. Therefore we will retain the same slate of officers until the next reunion in 2007

Memories of our reunion

As usual, our reunion started at the museum where we all met. We were hosted by Judy Massardo (L) and Joan Teare and Carolyn Celli, (R).


They had started their day at 7:00 A.M. to prepare cold drinks, fresh coffee and doughnut holes for our arrival at about 8:00 A.M..


Getting to know each other at the museum.
Now it is time to get out for the tour.


The first stop was at Elsie and Gus Roof, the owners of the house that Casper Shaver built. She was busy washing her eggs when we invaded her privacy. As always, she was a most gracious host and delighted in showing us through the lower level of her home.


Elsie happily sharing her house with us.


Here Elsie is showing her front parlor to the group. It is located on the extreme right end of the house.


Note the extremely wide door. Elsie told us that in the early days, the body's were laid out at home. The door was designed that way to allow a coffin and pallbearers to pass through. Thus the name "coffin door."

After this tour of the Roof home the group was off to see the mill.


Inside the mill. Some of the relics left from year's gone by.


Inside the mill. More relics.


Driven by one horse or mule power. I think this tread mill was driving a "corn sheller".


Two of the old millstones against the outside of the mill.


Next we went on to the unparalleled beauty of Abraham's house. It is now known as "Whitehall". The owners were not at home, but we enjoyed the beautiful outside. The lush lawn, beautiful old trees and shrubs are breath taking.


Viewing the graves of Casper, his son Peter B. and their wives.


The latest bridge It is still only a temporary one.
June 18, 2005


Visiting one of the Wintermuth homes. I am certain the builders did not anticipate the satellite antenna!


Our picnic lunch was at the beautiful Swartswood lake State Park


Bruce, our president. firing up the grills.


White cake with choclate iceing. Yum Yum


This building is the home of the Stillwater County Historical Society. They have a very nice web site at:
Their email address:
Their phone number is: (973) 383-6010
Their hours of operation are: Fri: 9-1 P.M.; Sat. 9-Noon


Sign at the entrance to the "Old Burying Ground" at Newton. So many of our ancestors are buried there. The grass was very long and in need of a cutting. I noted that so many of the stones are toppled over. It is a distressful scene. The gate near this sign is chained and locked closed. The key is controlled by the Sussex County Historical Society.


Close up of the stone of Rev. Joseph Linn Shafer D.D. Born 12 May 1787; Died 12 Nov. 1853. He was the grandson of Casper Shaver. His father was Isaac. He was the oldest child. Yet he was only about 13 when his father died in 1800! He turned out to be a most honorable man even from such a horrible set back early in life.


Diana Foreman's stone. She was the wife of Rev Joseph Linn Shafer. She was born on 27 Jan. 1790 and died on 10 Jan. 1862. She bore eight children to Rev. Joseph Linn Shafer.


Amelia Matilda Shafer's Stone. She wqs the daughter of Rev. Joseph Linn and Diane Foreman Shafer. Amelia died 20 Jan. 1900.


Jonathan Forman Shafer's stone. Jonathan was the 3rd child of Rev. Joseph Linn and Diana Forman Shafer. He was born on 6th Jan. 1815 and died 15 Mar.1871.


Stocton Halstead Shafer's stone. He was born on 30 Sept. 1825; he died 10 Jan 1877. Stocton was the sixth child of Rev. Joseph Linn And Diana Forman Shafer. He was Isaac's grandson.


Alexander Woodhul Shafer's stone. Alexander was born on 31 Aug. 1832; he died on 8 Aug. 1892. He was the youngest child of Rev. Joseph Linn and Diana Forman Shafer.


Isaac Shafer's stone. Isaac,was born 23 July 1783, he died 18 Dec 1849. He was the son of Maj. Peter B. and Elizabeth Simpson Shaver. He and his wife Elizabeth Turner had ten children.


Four brothers and sisters, one fairly new stone. These are all children of Isaac and Elizabeth Turner Shafer Their full names are :
Ann Kennedy Shafer
Delieah Shafer
Jehiel Talmage Shafer
and Catherine Elizabeth Shafer.


We wound up the days activities at this inn located near Stillwater. A great meal, laughter, and family friendship.
The Mountain Brook Inn
901 Middleville,
Newton, NJ 07860
(973) 300-1888


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